The RainSaver team is made up of a group of men and women from various walks of life. Many of us have traveled and experienced life in numerous under-developed countries. As such, the team has developed a deep-rooted understanding of how critical is the lack of access to safe water for so many countries.

This exposure has driven the team to find a solution that can make a life-changing impact to millions of families around the world in desperate need of fresh, clean, drinking water. We are motivated to see the world a better place.

Via this passion to find a solution to this critical world problem, RainSaver was born:

• A Complete water catchment and storage solution

• 100% potable water grade quality

• Totally clean fresh water – chemical-free

• Wholly portable, even into the world’s most remote locations

• Highly efficient rain-catchment design

Now, with RainSaver, every family in the world should be able to access clean drinking water – all year round.

Our motivation is to help as many families in need of safe water as we can.


Help a Family in Need


With each and every persons contribution we can make a difference to one family’s life or millions of lives.

If you are reading this, then it probably means that you are genuinely interested in helping people less fortunate than yourself.

• The world has millions of families dying from lack of clean water

• RainSaver is the all-round solution to this problem

• And our team is ready and willing to distribute RainSaver to those in need, wherever in the world.

It’s only rarely in your life that you get a genuine chance to help do something life-changing for those in need.

Please share in RainSaver goal to help and save as many of our world family members as possible. You will be remembered in your life for being someone special and doing something remarkable for the people calling out for our help.