The World’s Only Complete Food Grade Water Catchment & Storage System

With RainSaver tanks and water catchment system, communities in even the most remote locations can have safe water all year round. The RainSaver is the combination of an innovative and unique water storage and rain catchment system, which allows every drop of rain to be captured and safely stored as needed all year round.

The 3000 liter catchment and storage system, carried in 2 bags weighing less than 25 kg each, can be assembled (and disassembled) in less than 10 minutes. The set comes in 2 bags – as a backpack and carry bag with shoulder strap respectively. This enables it to be carried easily by two people which largely removes the logistical challenges of getting water tanks to remote locations. In addition, assembly of the Rain-Saver is very simple and quick.

drop e Designed for rapid construction in remote locations
drop e Totally Potable Water Grade components – for optimum health
drop e Maximise rain fall that is normally witnessed falling but rarely captured
drop e Remarkable water catchment and storage capability

Integrated with a water pump and high tech pathogen removing water filter, the RainSaver systems can also be filled from their surrounding water sources. One pump and filter supplied to each village combined with a number of RainSaver systems create a comprehensive solution to what is currently a helpless situation for millions of remote families living in developing countries

So wherever there are families in need of clean drinking water in the world, no matter how remote the families are, we can now ensure they have access to clean drinking water.



The RainSaver Complete Catchment System Is The Solution

Every family in the world can now have access to fresh, clean drinking water. Whether it is one family or 100,000 families, we now have the solution to help them.

RainSaver Water Catchment Tank