Technical Specifications:

– To ensure the water collected and stored is extremely clean and fresh, we use the highest grade fabric in the world. In fact the material has been developed and produced especially and exclusively for Rain-Saver

– Only potable drinking water quality materials are used – to Australian AS 4020 standard

– No toxic chemical residues

– Long lasting UV protection against harm from the sun

– Our RainSaver catchment system has filtration built into the catchment design, making it Zika Virus & Malaria proof

– The 3000 liter catchment and storage system, carried in 2 bags weighing less than 25 kg each, can be assembled (and disassembled) in less than 15 minutes

– Can be air – dropped or carried in to remote areas to provide large volumes of water storage within minutes of deployment

– 1 Year Warranty

– Very easy to install and designed to catch every single drop of rain that falls

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