No matter where we are in the world, we all know how critical water is. Whether you’re in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, or in the East or the West, water vital to our all of our existence equally.

Without food, we can live for months.

Without water, we can only live for days.

Photo by Amman Imman


Water is life.


In many parts of the world, water is not available –millions of families around the world lose loved ones because of inadequate access to water and a lack of sanitation.

Every single country in the world – large or small, rich or poor – is affected in some way.

Think of the lush tropical islands  that captivate us with their beauty – in many areas, behind the scenes, the people who live there are dying from a lack of clean drinking water.

Every single country in the world – large or small, rich or poor – is affected by the preciousness of clean water.

India, a large and diverse country of  natural beauty,  has many rural and poor urban areas in desperate need of fresh clean drinking water for the millions of people who live there and depend on it.

Papua New Guinea is a relatively small, yet amazing and diverse country.  It has over 800 different languages spoken in a population of approximately seven million people. The landscape is rugged, mostly tropical, and has a quite high level of rainfall every year, yet 60% of this incredible country does not have access to clean drinking water.

These are just two examples of the countries in need of a solution.

The RainSaver team members have spent many years of their lives traveling and living with communities all around the world and have seen first hand how people work so hard to survive each day, desperately looking for water.

No matter who you are,

Or where you are in the world,

How educated or uneducated you are,

We all know how serious the world water problem is.


This is the question on every person’s mind.